PURIEVER Decentralized Blockchain Platform

The Cleaner activity of the PURIEVER allows the Cleaner Index to be collected in real time, which is shared through the Clean Information Chain.
As a reward for such information sharing, the information-sharing operator will be paid PEV coins.
The PEV coin can purchase filters and components of the PURIEVER and purchase the desired items from anywhere using the master card worldwide through a prepaid card that is available in real time.

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Easy Token Integration

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Advanced Security

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Sidechain Architecture

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Developer Friendly

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Fast, Safe, Privacy

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The PURIEVER Chain defines the clean environment and the blockchain used in the clean industry and related fields. PURIEVER is a coin used to build and operate a clean ecosystem. Through PURIEVER, user data using the product is stored in the blockchain and based on the collected big data, a clean culture based on the number of clean shutdowns is established. Users can provide data and receive PURIEVER coins as compensation. When users purchase products such as products and consumables, they purchase coins that are paid instead of cash.

Consensus Algorithm POP(Proof-of-Purity)
Cleaner activity information analyzes the air quality of fine particles and materials identified through sensors and provides information on the state of air quality and the trust of clean information through clean air purification activities for clean activities. In addition, the clean information activity obtained through the verification process is recorded in the block. It is equipped with an algorithm model that is agreed upon through a mathematical verification process so that a certain reward can be obtained through this verification

PURIEVER Coins will be used in future purchases of environment-related products as well as in power plants and power consumption related markets associated with energy production.



The PURI MAP platform is an important platform that connects PEV Coin with PURIEVER & Vendor, consumers and producers.

The PURI MAP plays an important role in maintaining and activating the ecosystem of the PURIEVER coin. The PURI MAP platform offers a number of functions, primarily the ability to select vendors, order and sell products. In addition, data generated by users using the product is provided to the platform, which builds trust through blockchain system interlocks. The Clean Index is managed through real-time monitoring and will be utilized by various companies, organizations and government information systems to help revitalize the clean data market and create a right clean culture. As a reward for these government-sharing relationships, the PURI MAP platform covers all PEV-core activities, including the supply and trading of PEV-core, product supply and data delivery.

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Token Sale

The issuance of PURIEVER coins is aimed at developing, producing and distributing PURIEVER and creating an ecosystem of PURIEVER coins. The participation of token generation events is etherium. Participation in token sales should send an ether to the addresses listed on the PURIEVER website.
In addition, the token sale ends when the maximum amount of fundraising is reached, which could be an early termination if the targeted amount is achieved prior to the crowd sale. If the coin sale fails to achieve the minimum amount of fundraising, the coin sale will be cancelled and all contributions raised will be refunded. The exact schedule of the coin-generating event will be disclosed on the website of PURIEVER or through the official communication channel.

  • 0 Start
  • $2 M Pre Sale
  • $12 M Soft Cap
Start Started
Token Supply 1,200,000,000 PEV
Accepted Tokens BTC, ETH
Project Protocol ETH, ETC - ERC20
Circulation Supply 840,000,000 PEV
Maximum Cap 61 M USD
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PURIEVER is doing its best to keep the following schedule.


Through the PEV coin obtained through the Cleaning rewards, Purie Card and PURIEVER that can be used like cash anytime and anywhere are linked.

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Puriever is a long-time expert in the IT industry and business professionals.

Simon Lee

A representative of the general business
Hackers Holdings Chairman of the Board of Directors
Professor of Lifelong Education at Konyang University
Former KT Media Representative Director
Former KT Marketing Planning Director-GeneralPM (Operator of Annphone Business, General Manager of Intelligence Network Business)
Former KT Biz Corporate Sales Representative (AM)
KT Spot AWARDS Award Winner
KT President's Award Winner

Nileshi Parik

Movius Interactive Corporation, Senior VP, Product Management
Mavenir Systems— Richardson, Vice President GM, Japan Region & WW Channels & Strategic Alliances
Hewlett Packard—Communication & Media Solutions (HP-CMS), Strategic Sales Consultant & Account Principle Condor Networks Corporation, Founder, CEO/CTO
VICORP INC., Vice President, Global Sales & Product Line Management
HEWLETT PACKERD TELECOM DIVISION Plano, Director, Business Development for APJ Director, Product Management, Wireless Solutions
NORTEL'NETWORKS Richardson Architect, Wireless Intelligent Network Systems Standards
ERICSSON NETWORKS SYSTEMS Senior Systems Engineer, R&D for SS7, Intelligent Network (IN) Systems

Andy Shin

Director of Union Network China Corporation (THINK 21 China CEO)
China TechnicsElectronic General Accounting Co., Ltd.
China Dongin Group's General Accounting for Overseas Business
China MEIC Power General Accounting Co., Ltd.
Established THINK 21 HongKong (2012)
Establishment of Openwell Corporation (2006)
Dongmyeong Electronics (2004-2006)
Scout overseas business department of Serome Technology (2003-2004)
Digitel AtPhone Telecom (2002-2003)
Logics Computer (1999-2002)
Graduated from the MBA course at Namkyung University in China.

구 진 국

(Technical-Service 개발)
Senior Researcher at Hackers Holdings Ltd.
Development of Hyundai Mobis Vision Inspection Equipment, LG Electronics TV Panel Hall, DATAGEN Factory Automation Team Leader
Former Ani-Companion Technician
- Developing a USB-based document leakage prevention system
-Developing a permanent deletion solution
-Developing temporary file management technology and permanent deletion technology
Former head of global SW development team at Nexcom
-Developing Samsung/Elzy Display Loving Gun Inspectors
-Developing Samsung/ElGI Display LCD Panel Surface Inspectors

이 강 현

(Branch Manager)
Director of Unicode
Representative MEDICALLINE
020 Representative of consulting
Former EMCO Solution CEO
Former Director of the Doctor Health Marketing
Former Korea Corporate Welfare Strategy Director
Former PICLOS Marketing Director
a course history
Dilkanegi/MetarrierShip Educator, Chonbuk Franchise Association Lectures
Jeonju Vision University Special Lectures on ‘Jinro’ at Seoul Design High School
Korea Corporate Welfare Director/Director Practical Training, Hospital Marketing Training

강 태 성

Chairman of Bethel Enterprises Ltd.
Chairman of China SYK
Secretary General of the World Peace and Cooperation Foundation

김 상 래

(Master) CEO of C-S-S-Biotech Co., Ltd.
Freda Corp. Chief Executive
Co., Ltd. CEO of Concord Korea Co., Ltd.
Jay & Korea CEO
学 DOSHISYA Univ. 학과 Mechanical engineering department

Kay Cheong

(Technical Advisor)