We build cleaner air solutions through our suite of customized business products from B2G, B2B to B2C to offer better air for humanity globally.

We use blockchain technology to collect and analyze a wide range of air quality data from industrial to households and offer everyone an easy access to it.


Puriscan is an ultimate indoor-air quality management solution.



Purimap is a location based services that provides an in-depth air quality data.



Puripick is a a real time location check-in based social networking platform to maximize the user engagement on a daily basis, integrated with voluntary provision of indoor air quality data.
Users can choose their venue of interest and check-in to evaluate the current air quality.


Puriscan is an ultimate indoor-air quality management solution.
Integrating with our air quality detecting devices, various air pollens are measured, stored and immediately analyzed real-time.
Based on the analyzed air quality data, we provide organizations a customized consultation services to improve better air condition.


Purimap is a location based services that provides an in-depth air quality data of public-accessible governmental buildings, cafes, fitness centers, public parking lots, etc.

Based on the current location, Purimap shows the general status of the air quality and also exact amount of the pollution level of substances such as CO2, HcHo, TVOC, etc.


Puripick is a a real time location check-in based social networking platform to maximize the user engagement on a daily basis, integrated with voluntary provision of indoor air quality data.

Users can choose their venue of interest and check-in to evaluate the current air quality.

A reward (Puriever token; PURE) is offered to users as an exchange for providing their data.


Purichain is our blockchain mainnet to safely transfer, and store, and manage every data collected by our services.​
Purichain offers secured data protection and providing accurate information to efficiently manage enhanced indoor and outdoor air quality data, offering a better daily life to everyone.

Purichain overcomes the limits of blockchain’s trilemma with unique model of Hash Round robin, DPOR (Delegated Proof-of-Reputation) and POP (Proof-of-Purity), which enables to operate a speed-oriented consensus algorithm based on ultra-fast network operation and distributed technology, algorithms that collect clean data and prove the value of the data, and a blockchain that combines high-frequency transaction technology.

Hash Round Robin

First to apply pre-emptive hash test algorithm to blockchain technology

Overcoming Blockchain Limits by applying Scheduling Algorithms Used in Operating Systems to Blockchain.


(Delegated Proof-of-Reputation)

A DPOR model created by autonomous participation based on the reliability indicator of a node named PRR (Peer Reliability Rate).

High Speed Transaction

It is more than 20,000 TPS per Consensus group and 1 million TPS if 142 global group are formed.
Ultra-fast node configuration, quickly navigates the information chain of blocks and improves responsiveness.


Puriever Card (PURICARD) is a physical and mobile card, issued with the MasterCard logo and acts as a credit card, ready to be used as a payment at more than 37 million Mastercard merchants worldwide including any ATMs with Mastercard logo, without any restrictions or constraints.

Puricard can be openly utilized with PURE tokens by sending rewards from Puriever services to the card. Puricards are also accepted as the payment method at PuriShop via PuriPick, to purchase discounted social/leisure/hospitality and travel package deals or merchandises.

BTC, ETH, EOS tokens are also used for payment, to extend the versatility and usability of Puricards.


We developed and launched customized air quality improvement products currently used by governments and multinational enterprises. You can see some of Puriever’s real-life use case.

Puriever Air quality Detector ​

B2G Customized detector accurately measure and analyze air pollens and fine dust.

Mask Bus​​

Puriever is officially cooperating with Seocho Gu-district of Seoul, and Yongin City, to install Puriever’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system on public transportation known as “Mask Bus”. ​

Road Map

Puriever Phase 1 – Domestic Market

2Q 2020 – Partnership with Governments

  • Mask Bus Partnership : Seocho gu, Seoul and Yongin Si, Gyeonggi Do
  • Partnership with the Ministry of Public safety
  • Puriscan and Purimap : Beta launch; both services currently available on PC at and
  • Fine Dust level monitoring forum at the General Assembly of Korea : Currently scheduled to be held at the end of August

3Q 2020 – Extending Partnership with Administrative Districts in Korea

  • Official launch of B2G Air Quality detector
  • Official launch of Puriever Mainnet
  • Collect and analyze real-time air quality data within covering whole Korean peninsula via Puriscan and able to track on Purimap (District level B2G)
  • Partnering with regional and district level governments regarding “Mask Bus”- analyze real-time air quality data following the whole public transportation routes

4Q 2020 – Extending Partnerships with Major Educational Institutions and Publicly Accessible Buildings in Korea

  • Primary Institutions : Kindergarten, day care centers, elementary schools
  • Secondary Institutions : Middle and High schools
  • Tertiary institutions : Universities and Research centers
  • Beta launch of Puriscan and Purimap mobile version (app)
  • Puriever aims to partner with all Regional Local and Municipal governments of Korea towards 4Q.

1st Half 2021 – Partnering with all Executive Departments and Ministries of Korea

  • Partnering with Ministry of Environment and related branches on air quality improvement
  • Provide real time air quality data via Purichain to the Ministry
  • Provide regular reports on current air quality status of Korea to the ministry
  • Official launch of Puriscan and Purimap mobile version
  • Beta launch of PuriPick service mobile

2nd Half 2021 – Focus on Data Accuracy and Real-time Air Quality Data Management

  • Frequent updates to Purichain air quality data analytics technology
  • Official launch of Puripick mobile app service
  • Prepare for Overseas services for Puriscan and Purimap
  • Function update
  • Service localization
  • Accuracy QC for overseas location enabling service

Puriever Phase 2 – 3 Asia Market expansion & Global Outreach

2022 ~ Asia market : Japan, China, and SEA Region

  • Entering China Market – Start cooperation with the local district government level on Puriever China customized monitoring detector.
  • Alpha launch of Puriscan China version
  • Purimap update – Add the map of China
  • PuriPick – Begin categorizing Chinese venues and leisure services
  • Expand PURE Token usage (International cross-border usage of PURE)

End 2022 ~ Asia market : Japan and Sea Region

  • Entering Japan market – Start cooperating with Japanese government;
    Local and administrative levels on utilizing Purichain’s data
  • Launch of Puriever services in Japan
  • PURE Token usage expansion

2H23 ~ Extend Puriever services to Sea Regions and rest of APAC

2024 ~ Global market
2H24 ~ Europe and Middle Eastern Region

Team and Advisors

Simon Lee

Founder & CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Puriever
Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hackers Holdings
 Professor at Konyang University
(Former) CEO at KT Media
(Former) Marketing Planning Director and General PM at KT

Nileshi Parik


Senior VP of Product Management at Movius Interactive Corporation
 VP and General Manager Of WW Channels & Strategic Alliances at Mavenir Systems -Japan Region
Account Principle and Strategic Sales Consultant at Hewlett Packard-CMS
Founder and CEO/CTO at Condor Networks Corporation
Senior Systems Engineer; R&D for SS7 Intelligent Network (IN) Systems at Ericsson Networks systems

Jinwook Goo

Technical Service Lead

Senior Researcher at Hacker Holdings Ltd.
Former Head of Factory Automation Team at DATAGEN:
Led development of Vision Inspection Equipment of
Hyundai Mobis
Former Executive Technical Director at Ani-Companion
Former Head Developer of Global software
development at Nexcom: Led development of
Samsung/LG Display’s LCD Panel surface inspector
Display LCD Panel surface inspection

Ganghyun Lee

Branch Manager

Branch Manager of Uni Networks
CEO of MEDICALLINE & 020 Consulting Corp,
Former CEO of EMCO Solution
Former Marketing Team Leader at Doctor Health Corp.
Former Strategic Team Manager at South Korea
Enterprise Welfare Corp.
Former Executive Director at PICLOS

NakHoon Jung 

Dispatch of the OECD Korea Center (Policy Research of Developed Countries, 2009-2010)
Member of the Korea Industrial Standards Council (National Institute of Technology and Standards
member of the National Institute of Environmental Research’s Living Environment Standards Review Board
KOLAS Test and Recognition Committee Member (National Institute of Technology and Standards)
Chairman of the Technical Personnel Management Committee (ISO Management System Certification)
Former Director of the Korea Examination and Qualification Certificate (2011-2017)

JukSeong Lim


Secretary-General of the Citizens’ Coalition for Disaster and Violation
Emergency Disaster Response Team of the Public-Private Cooperation Committee of the Ministry of the Interior
Director of the Anti-Disaster Agency of the Foundation

Hee Jo Kang

Prof. at Mokwon University
Joint Chairman of the Public-Private Cooperation Committee for Safety Management in Daejeon Metropolitan City

Jong Bum Kim

Prof. at Kookmin University
Advisory Committee on the Future of the Ministry of Public Safety and Security’s Combined Disaster Task Force
Member of National Unification advisory council.
Certified Disaster Guidance and Management Officer

Jae Cheol Park

Former head of the provincial residents’ safety office
(Former) Chief of Safety Management of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
(Former) Jeju Deputy Mayor
(Former) Director of Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
 Member of Central Evaluation Committee of Safety Korea Training

Kyung Dong Yoo

Director of Anyfive Co. Ltd.
Research Fellow at WIPS Co. Ltd.
Chief editor at iPnomics media
Electronic Times News reporter
Daily Trade News reporter
One of The World’s Leading 300 IP Strategists: IAM Strategy 300, chosen by global IP journal, IAM of UK

YoungHwan Jung 

ISO/TC292 Korea Representative for Disaster and Safety International Standards
a member of the National Industrial Standards Council
Deputy Director of the Central Evaluation Team for Safety Korea Training
Representative of the Public Service (Disaster and Safety) of the Standards Association
National Infrastructure Evaluation Committee member

Hyosoo Hwang 

 Honorary Chairman of the Korea BCP Association
 CEO of the Korea PM Research Institute
 Company)Chairman of Construction Cost Engineering Association (currently)
 Vice-Chairman of Korea Technology Society, and former auditor
 Senior Vice President of the Korea Arbitration Association ; also a board member
 A former member of the review committee of the Construction Technology Evaluation Institute of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Dong Suk Seo

Professor of Woosuk University
(Former) President of Sohae University

Yoon Ho Kim

Professor of Mokwon University
Vice President of Mokwon University
Federation of Safety-monitoring Corps. Head of Chungcheong district

Taesung Gang

  Chairman of Bethel Enterprises Ltd.
Chairman of SYK China
Secretary General of the World Peace and Cooperation Foundation

Se-Dong Oh

⦁ CEO at Denovation Inc. / Everguard Inc.
⦁ 22 Years’ experience at Samsung group
⦁ President’s Award winner for 100 Best Companies in Job-Creation

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